Friday, November 27, 2009

A real yarn of a tale...

I'm constantly running out of yarn. Just when I'm a few stitches away from completing a project, the ball of yarn gives up the ghost and I'm left with the final few inches of crinkly string. My project basket resembles the bad kid's backyard in Toy Story, with all the abandoned, disfigured toys.

Last month, I visited family, which meant new prezzies for all the kiddos. I had so much fun making Brobee last year, so I wanted to make a matching one for another little fan in the family. I got as far as the head and shoulders before running out of yarn.

Shoot! Time was short. Fortunately, I remembered some dopey-looking flowers I had once crocheted out of the same yarn. These flowers, although somewhat charming from this angle, are what we in the biz call, "total crap." Trust me, they didn't turn out half as cute as I had wanted.

I do hate to unravel my work, no matter how bad it is. But when my local yarn shop told me that they had stopped carrying this particular brand of yarn, I knew the flowers were doomed.

Surprisingly, it only took half of their nubby stems to complete Brobee's pill shaped body.

And, using the rest of their stems, I finished Brobees's arms. (Although I had to make them skinnier than usual. This Brobee's a bit of a weakling.) The flowers were none too pleased.

They were even less pleased at the thought of becoming Brobee's feet, once I had robbed them of nearly all their green yarn.

My sister had a lovely suggestion--switch colors and make boots. Of course! So Brobee's boots saved the day.

I wish I could finish by telling you this was the best toy I ever made and all the unravelling and scrimping was worth it. The toy turned out ...okay. He's a little wonk-eyed, thin and meh. Even little Natalie, who's pretty much the most giggly and curious baby to ever crawl the earth, seems vaguely bored.

(More accurately, she looks like a Modigliani painting. Most accurately, this one!)

But I digress. Not to worry about the flowers. I have big plans for them. I'm thinking a little knit cap for Natalie, with two happy--and recycled!--flowers on the side. Hopefully, we'll get smiles out of all three!


Cami said...

Well, it was worth it for THIS post! I love how the flower faces change into varying states of anger hurt and horror. Awesome.

Holly said...

Yes, the changing flower faces are a hit. Thanks for taking the time to add that little extra touch. Brobee in boots is very well-loved. Big sister hides it so little sister can't play with it.

Kaptein Biff said...

hi! I found your blog searching for fellow crochet rattle makers :) I love what you do!

Kaptein Biff said...

oh, i just now realized the date of your post... So i guess you've stopped blogging. THats too bad! Anyways (if you read this), you can have a look at my blog. It's in norwegian, but has a google translate gadget. I have a free rattle pattern that you'd might like to try :)