Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bowling, Anne style

I think it's high time that I posted some of my work, no? I've been on a pasta bowl kick for a while. They're functional, frequently used, and they have a nice flat surface, the perfect canvas for whatever glazes and slips you can whip up.

After visiting Japan, I was inspired to start on a series of bowls with characteristic little notches on the rim. Kind of like a backwards spout. I like the outcome. With one purposeful little tweak, I'm actually giving the finger to my early days as a potter, when I insisted that everything be perfectly round and symmetrical.


Cami said...

Oh YAY oh YAY oh YAY! You're in the blogging world. Now I will actually feel in touch with you.

So, these are beautiful, and I also love the pictures. I have been wanting some lovely homemade ceramics to photograph, and looky here, you have the exact pictures I wanted to take, and you MADE the bowls! GORGEOUS!

Nice job.

Anne Stewart said...

Oh Cams, I would love you to photograph my stuff. I'm so daft with the camera.